Am Sundheimer Fort 7
77694 Kehl
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From the idea to reality

The CALAMUS-AREAL in Kehl-Sundheim will continue to grow and develop in the coming years. Various leisure facilities on 46,000 square metres offer a wide variety of things to do and experience and guarantee an exciting day on the premises! The CALAMUS-AREAL is considered an ideal meeting place for friends, couples and families. The ideal location to…

… treat yourself to culinary delights in the italian restaurant Julia´s.

… compete against each other on the electric go-kart track CalaRace.

… let the kids let off some steam in the indoor playground Sensapolis (completed 2021).

… watch Bundesliga games and other sports events in the Chattanooga sports bar – and at the same time enjoy a view of what’s happening on the go-kart track and in the indoor playground.

… enjoy tasty, juicy steaks and crispy, fresh salads in the Chattanooga grill restaurant.

… celebrate with loved ones: The Orangerie is the perfect party venue for weddings, birthdays, company parties, etc.

… get the car in ship shape condition again: in the futuristic and state-of-the-art CalaCarWash.


Our concept of sustainability and ultimate modernity is reflected in the different projects:
In Julia’s restaurant & café bar and in the Orangerie near-surface geothermal energy is our energy source. In combination with a heat pump the geothermal energy is used to heat the building in the winter and to cool it in summer. In Hotel Calamus the cooling is effected with groundwater.

In our second big building, which is home to Hotel Calamus, the electric go-kart track CalaRace, the grill restaurant Chattanooga Steakhouse, the indoor playground Sensapolis and the wellness oasis CalaSpa, we work with a cogeneration unit. This uses the principle of CHP (combined heat and power) and is a modular system for generating electric energy and heat that is used again directly at the point of origin.

The CalaCarWash is equipped with its own wastewater treatment plant, which biologically treats the cleaning water used in the car washes in an environmentally friendly manner. This innovative technology of the recycling plant allows the cleaned water to be reused and the use of fresh water to be reduced from 800 litres per car to only 48 litres, which corresponds to water recovery of 94%.

The carts on the go-kart track CalaRace and the segways used as company vehicles on the premises are driven with renewable energies instead of fossil fuels.